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RentControl is feature rich, easy-to-use, rental software with responsive support. Maybe best of all, it is very affordable. Unlike many other software packages, you are buying—not leasing—RentControl, so you won't have any monthly payments. Even enrolling in extended support is optional.

RentControl helps you win new customers and repeat business because instead of busywork, it lets you focus on more important things. The RentControl software makes it easy to generate quotes, book reservations, make rentals and keep track of inventory and clients.

We pride ourselves on being available, responsive and helpful with our rental software for small businesses. For anything from a quick question to a machine crash, we're here to help. Check out what our clients say: Capterra Reviews, Testimonials

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In an effort to support many diverse rental industries, RentControl's core features are extensive. For example, the length a rental can vary from one hour to open-ended. Inventory can contain both serialized and pooled assets, including non-inventoried assets (like labor charges). Multiple sales branches and multiple warehouses are supported with bulk transfer facilities. Automatically have order-specific, equipment-specific or client-specific annotations on customer documents. Pick from fifteen different pricing schemes with variations for weekend pricing or have a custom pricing scheme. All schemes support up to three tax rates.

RentControl supports a complete client database with profiles, rental software history and extensive CRM data. Client and company discounts can be automatically applied. You may customize documents with your logo, signature lines, and rental terms. There is also extensive reporting on financials, reservations and orders as well as a day-by-day schedule of activity.

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Full AR Processing with a QuickBooks Export

RentControl Plus adds full Accounts Receivable processing, to produce invoices for short-term rentals as well as to automatically produce monthly invoices for rentals that go longer. RentControl Plus also generates statements, keeps a chart of accounts for your clients, offers a variety of financial and management reports, and permits you to record payments as well as debits and credits. And all this information can be sent to QuickBooks.

rental equipment software quickbooks
Continue to use QuickBooks for your overall accounting, but use RentControl Plus to transfer invoices, payments, debits and credits to QuickBooks, along with the names and addresses of new clients. You save time and reduce the chance of error when you no longer have to double-enter payment and client data.

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Buy, Rent, Repair, Maintain

RentControl rental management software also includes a full Purchase Order module to let you create PO orders, track them, and even automatically add the ordered items to your inventory when you receive them.

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If you repair equipment for outside clients, RentControl includes a repair-tracking facility that lets you create work orders, track them and then invoice the client.

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For your own equipment, RentControl includes a scheduled maintenance facility. You identify the criteria for an asset's maintenance (number of rentals, number of days on rent, etc.) and RentControl will alert you when maintenance is due and then record the details of that maintenance when it completes. Feel free to reach out to us for additional information about our rental software for businesses.

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RentControl's price is based on the number of simultaneous users, and is sold as a permanent license, meaning that there is no requirement to pay a lease fee each year. Free support is included with your purchase price for the first year and includes help by phone or email as well as new versions of RentControl.

RentControl Demos


You have several options for seeing how RentControl works, including an over-the-web demo, an on-line tour, or we'll help you install a free demo that you can use for 30 days.

Free Documents


Get a free buyer's checklist that will make it easier to compare rental software on a feature-by-feature basic. We also offer some free documents with useful business information.

Contact Us

Contact Us

You can always contact us for more information or help by calling 609-924-7114 or filling out a contact form.


Barcode and RFID Use

RentControl provides extensive barcode support to make keeping track of inventory, selecting equipment for a rental or sale, and checking equipment in after a rental much quicker and less error-prone. Barcoding is supported either as labels or RFID tags.

Your Inventory on the Web

Increase business by putting your inventory on the web. RentControl has a built-in export that uploads your inventory and prices to your website with a single click, and downloads requests for quotes or orders with the same ease. Click here for more details.

Sample Websites

If you are interested in having your inventory on the web, check out our general demo or our linen demo.

Built-in Credit Card Processing

Both RentControl basic and its accounting adjunct, Plus, fully support integrated credit card processing using the OpenEdge payment gateway.

Purchase Order Facility

RentControl offers an optional, built-in purchase order facility. Use it to create and send purchase orders and to automatically have assets added to your inventory when received.

Instruction Videos

Getting started using RentControl? Our how-to videos show the software in action:
• Instant Rental
• From Reservation to Rental
• Return a Rental

Customer Downloads

If you're an existing customer, additional information is available from our download site.